Brain Injury News

Here are a few items of interest from the world of brain injury.

• Brain Injury Global Picnic 

 The Brain Injury Global Picnic is a world-wide event to educate and raise awareness of brain injury that is set to take place on June 30. Brain injury associations, charities, and related organizations from across the world are being encouraged to take part in the Global Picnic. The picnic is the brainchild of TBI survivor Annie Ricketts, who envisioned it in a powerful dream. She is working hard to make the picnic a reality around the world that will “smash the world record for the most people picnicking in 24 hours!”

• Even mild TBI alters brain function

As is being more widely acknowledged, even mild brain injury—also known as concussion—can significantly harm brain function, either for a short while or for the rest of the person’s life. New studies are demonstrating why this is so.

And here is a post from Broken Brain–Brilliant Mind with some good comments and questions about this information.

• New scans look deeper into the brain than ever

A new scanning technique, called high-definition fiber tracking (HDFT), allows doctors to predict the brain functionality that may have been lost after a TBI. HDFT makes it possible to see the fiber tracts in the brain and pinpoint the broken ones to predict what they might mean for the patient’s recovery. And, the images are produced in vibrant color—very cool!

• Pro athlete deaths from brain disease

The recent tragedy of former NFL player Junior Seau’s suicide once again highlights the need for more research into brain injury in sports, as two major research teams compete for athlete’s brains to study.

• Think cheerleading is a safe activity?

If so, you’re thinking of cheerleading as it was 30 or 40 years ago, not in 2012. it  has become “the most dangerous female sport when we look at the number of catastrophic injuries,” including brain injury and spinal cord injury.


Journaling after brain injury doesn’t always have to be about brain injury. Today’s prompts from Ch. 7 of After Brain Injury: Telling Your Story are more general and can apply to many parts of your life and experience. Writing from prompts like these can take your writing in new directions and bring up new insights.


Today’s journaling prompts

If you’re ready to do some private writing in your journal, choose one or more of these prompts to get started. Do your best to write for at least five minutes, and I encourage you to write for 20 minutes if you’re able. Remember, though, if the topic feels too uncomfortable or scary, don’t force yourself to write.

If you’ve had a brain injury:

• I was so nervous when…

• One thought that always lifts me up…

• Something in myself I’m satisfied with…

• When things don’t go my way, I…

• A bad habit I’d like to eliminate is _________________________ because…

If you’re a family caregiver:

• Today, one thing I want from life is…

• In the future I will be grateful for…

• If I knew I could not fail I would…

• I will always believe in…

• If I had only $5 to my name, I would…

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